3 E’s That Will Strengthen Our Community



  • Encourage large technology corporations to provide Digital Citizenship educational courses for K-12.
  • Implement workforce development initiatives that will train our youth, ages 16-25, in target industries such as Manufacturing, Logistics, IT, Hospitality and Healthcare.
  • Partner with community outreach programs to ensure previously incarcerated people are given the opportunity to have more favorable outcomes.


  • Fight for additional funding to extend mobile clinics to rural areas in District 83
  • Actively seek funding for infrastructure projects and healthy food initiatives that will help address the environmental landscape in our communities
  • Fight to strengthen existing programs for our elderly population to continue to live an healthy, active lifestyle.


  • Establish an “Elevate Incubator” for District 83 that connects entrepreneurs that have an idea to resources to create a concept to help build a successful startup
  • Ensure small businesses particularly minority and women owned businesses have access to resources they need to succeed as the driver of economic growth
  • Provide incentives to local businesses that have fewer than 25 employees